We Support Children and Youth to Reach Their Full Potential

What We Do


— We Find & Fund

We have pads drive that helps to provide sanitary pads to girls and young women in need.


— We Build Networks

We work with various organisations for different sectors: Feeding program:
Ukama Community Foundation, Living Hope Care Company City of Cape Town, GBV we partnered with 1000Women 1 Voice and Masi Creative Hub & Pads drive
We have Skin Cremery and Code Red


— We Strengthen

We have new moms project where we support new moms with maternity pack and also moral support.


— We Educate

GBV awareness: We have GBV awareness and trauma training workshops for women going through abuse. Hearmetoo is when the women get to share their stories and support each other


— We Provide Care

We support our community in Masiphumelele with a kitchen for 150 to 200 children and adults from Monday to Friday. We also offer dry ingredients to the most vulnerable families in the community.


— We Consult

As a way of trying to develop our community, we do consutations. The process involves defining problem structure for malnutrition, GBV issues and poverty in our community. We also help to prioritise issues affecting our community women and children. In addition our organisation conducts analysis, synthesises findings and provide recommendations to any interested parties in the community

What We Care For!

Bringing Dreams within Reach for Children

We provide meals to vulnerable children, trauma counselling and distribute second hand clothing to our beneficiaries. We provide safe spaces to combat child abuse within our community

The Keys to a New Future for Exploited Chlidren

We host workshops and trainings for children and teenagers for life skills and empowerment. We encourage and emphasise the importance of education and offer support with stationery drives

Boys Rise to Greatness

We have empowerment trainings for boys and also GBV sensitization to boys by holding talks and workshops where the devastating effects of GBV are tackled.

Finding a New Life—in a New Land

We support refugee women from other countries living in South Africa to adjust to their new place. GBV is on the rise towards immigrants. We offer safe spaces to empower and support them and also open up issues related to abuse and violence

Bringing Dreams within Reach

We host workshops meetings and trainings where motivational speakers are invited to speak to women and girls to support them with empowerment and life skills to achieve their dreams.



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